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Polystone Group

Polystone Holding S.A.
The companies of the Polystone Group belong to the European leaders in the decorative cosmetics industry and more specifically in the field of decorative nail gels. Polystone Holding S.A. fully owns the participations Polystone Chemical GmbH (Germany) and Polystone France Sarl (France).

Mainly the international wholesale trade but also professional studios are served with the products of Polystone. The continuous development and adaptation of the products meet the high-quality requirements of this industry. The main market is Europe, with a focus on France, Italy and Eastern Europe. The extensive service area for Polystone’s products includes development, coloring, filling, customized graphic design of packaging, labels and advertising material, packaging of gels in folding boxes as well as other customized wishes.

Polystone has the entire value chain under control (high vertical range of manufacture) from raw material to finished customer product. Its strengths, recognized by the market, are innovation, quality guarantee, complete product documentation as well as openness to customer expectations.

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