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The participations in which Perrot Duval Holding, Inc. invests aim to create a solid, dynamic and profitable group, active in future-oriented market niches. Its growth is mainly organic, but also realized through acquisitions.

-  Process automation

-..The chemical and pharmaceutical industry uses certain processes to obtain its products. Certain stages of research, then production, require specialized facilities and knowledge. This is the field of activity of the Füll Process S.A investment, 100% owned by Perrot Duval Holding S.A. This group supplies fully automated installations, as well as dosing and safety controls that improve or simplify certain processes for obtaining chemical products - such as paints, printing inks, dyes for textiles, food and cosmetics - and pharmaceutical products. The leading companies are Füll Systembau GmbH, Tecos Bruhin AG and Füll Lab Automation.

-  Decorative cosmetic chemistry

-..In particular, the fields of nail gels and nail lacquers. This is the core business of the subsidiary Polystone Holding S.A., which is 100% owned by Perrot Duval Holding S.A. Polystone products are mainly intended for international wholesalers, but also for professional studios. The continuous development and adaptation of the products meet the high quality requirements of this industry. The Polystone Group is one of the leading European companies in the decorative chemical industry. The main company of this group is Polystone Chemical GmbH.

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