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About Perrot Duval

Perrot Duval

-  invests in enterprises

-..Perrot Duval invests principally in financial, industrial or commercial business enterprises.

-  discovers cutting edge technologies

-..The investments are directed towards the establishment and acquisition and, subsequently, the sale of small or medium-sized companies whose basic activities lie in cutting edge technologies.

-  creates complementary unit groups

-..Perrot Duval establishes groups with complementary activities composed of specialized industrial and commercial units. The company sets their goals and determines the route to be followed.

-  supports development

-..The holding company ensures the development of each entity by providing support and advice in financial matters and management.

-..Perrot Duval is keeping a close eye on the health and soundness of its holdings. The company is ensuring that they remain at the cutting edge of the relevant technologies and that they take the time to build up a name and a reputation for themselves.

-  is present in industrialized countries

-..From a geographical point of view, Perrot Duval concentrates its efforts on the industrialized countries.

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